The Purpose

Real-life Impact

We understand the harshness of the market environment we are currently facing, but we are confident. We believe that under these circumstances there must be more conversations about security, controlled risk, confidence, and above all, accountability. 

Way too many quick cash grabs schemes, grandiose and deceptive over-promises, and masked culprits have completely undermined the confidence in everything crypto-related, and fuelled the naysayer’s rhetoric. That’s the reason why we want to avoid the use of the term “promise”, we rather talk about motivation, purpose, and intention as a foundation for developing a solid project.

This NFT project has been conceived with the idea and a strong commitment, to providing perceivable value and real-life impact to all involved. To create meaningful outcomes that are influential in two realms: cultural and social. Ultimately, that is what will make this project investment worthwhile, having real-life cultural value, and tangible positive social impact.

Social Outcome

We are committed to supporting and developing future partnerships with organizations that provide assistance to victims of abuse by figures of authority and influence, child abuse, domestic violence, psychological abuse, and especially survivors of sexual abuse by clerics and ministers of the church. 

In order to create these relationships, we first need to build a solid reputation and credibility through this project, aspects that will ultimately bring value to you.

Cultural Outcome

As the project develops and gains momentum we intend to turn this plot into a graphic novel, a comic book series, and even an animated series, these have been the plans of this project since it was originally conceived roughly 18 years ago.

This will be possible through funding from the NFT investor and members of our community who are invited and encouraged to participate by sharing their stories. In short, this project will turn you into a producer, guest writer, and protagonist of our story.

A Terrifying Reality

Unfortunately, at this very moment, while you are reading this there is someone, a child, a woman, maybe even a man being abused by a figure of authority. Abuse can take any form, verbal, psychological, physical, or sexual and the perpetrator could be anyone, sadly and very often the abuse comes by the hand of someone we know and trust. 

A deranged partner, a sports coach, a teacher, or even your local priest. This is what makes it more terrifying since is the very same veil of trust what provides the perfect cover-up for these abuses to happen consistently and undetected for long periods of time. Often time in our incredulity we refuse to acknowledge it, and by the time there is any evidence of the abuse is already too late. This situation makes prevention an almost impossible task, the closest we can get to stop these horrendous acts of abuse is through awareness and education.

We strive to make the Lost Buffoons Legions NFT project a vehicle to facilitate raising awareness about this taboo issue in our society.