The Project


A dark story with a meaningful social impact. The “Lost Buffoons Legions” #LBLNFT, is an NFT collection of lost souls released from the deepest bowels of hell, being punished for their evil acts in life, they wander around engaged in an eternal search for redemption.

You are about to become one of the protagonists in a dark story of redemption and justice.

A story in which you, as an active participant have the opportunity to decide the destiny of your Lost Buffoon ghost.

These buffoons will grant you a place in our legions, make you a co-creator in the development of their story… our story, and turn you into a supporter of abuse survivors.

A total of 9996 Lost Buffoons #LBL will be released. Of those NFTs 666 Buffoons will be reserved for giveaways, promotions, and special occasions.

Each detail for the creation of the Lost Buffoons Legions #LBL has been planned and hand sketched before the vectorization and layering process, where all the features were randomized.

However, they are not complete, they still need a name, a personality, and a story of punishments and redemption. That’s where you come in.

If you get your thrill from dark stories and mystery, this is the project for you.