The Project


A dark story with a meaningful social impact. The “Lost Buffoons Legions” #LBLNFT, is an NFT collection of lost souls released from the deepest bowels of hell, being punished for their evil acts in life, they wander around engaged in an eternal search for redemption.

You are about to become one of the protagonists in a dark story of redemption and justice.

A story in which you, as an active participant have the opportunity to decide the destiny of your Lost Buffoon ghost.

These buffoons will grant you a place in our legions, make you a co-creator in the development of their story… our story, and turn you into a supporter of abuse survivors.

A total of 9996 Lost Buffoons #LBL will be released. Of those NFTs 666 Buffoons will be reserved for giveaways, promotions, and special occasions.

Each detail for the creation of the Lost Buffoons Legions #LBL has been planned and hand sketched before the vectorization and layering process, where all the features were randomized.

However, they are not complete, they still need a name, a personality, and a story of punishments and redemption. That’s where you come in.

If you get your thrill from dark stories and mystery, this is the project for you.

The Buffoons


by Ronald Paredes

The seminal idea for the Lost Buffoons Project appeared roughly 18 years ago, at a time early in my career as an art director, I became very invested in the research of religious/political power struggles during the Middle Ages, the crusades, the history of the Knight Templars, the formation of the Masonic Orders and several other secret organizations, the corruption of the early Popes, the whole religious institution, and how all this power has been misused to manipulate, abuse and exercise control over society in general. 

Thievery, coercion, torture, violence, murder, rape, and many other unthinkable acts were normal practices in the highest levels of the clergy and royalty while claiming impunity provided by “the almighty lord that rules in the heavens”.   

How penance would look like for these monsters?

Once at the gates of Hell these monsters who in life inflicted evil acts under the immunity provided by a false self-anointment they are confronted with the harsh reality, that there is no such thing as impunity in the afterlife. 

“Those of you who inflicted suffering and upheld a reign of darkness and evil in life are now reduced to mere, insignificant buffoons. Devoid of speech, you will spend eternity wimping out, whining and grunting your way to redemption under the influence of the vicious rattle-bells hanging from your hat.”

The Lost Buffoons are legions of ghosts, the souls in pain of those who in life misused their privileged positions of power and influence to inflict pain, horror, and suffering on others and now in the afterlife are condemned to pay for their faults. After being powerful individuals they are now reduced to wandering as deformed buffoons, punished even further by being forced to wear a hat with living rattle bells that intentionally ill-advise them and drive them stray from their path to redemption and keep them stuck in their damnation. These rattlebells are analogous to the vicious thoughts that invade the mind of a schizophrenic.

You decide how your Lost Buffoon will spend eternity and seek redemption (if there is any).

1- Own a Lost Buffoon

2- Give it a name

3- Introduce it to our community

4- You are encouraged to write a story for your Lost Buffoon and share it. We want you to be an active participant in this journey with all the credits and acknowledgments for you.

The Purpose

Real-life Impact

We understand the harshness of the market environment we are currently facing, but we are confident. We believe that under these circumstances there must be more conversations about security, controlled risk, confidence, and above all, accountability. 

Way too many quick cash grabs schemes, grandiose and deceptive over-promises, and masked culprits have completely undermined the confidence in everything crypto-related, and fuelled the naysayer’s rhetoric. That’s the reason why we want to avoid the use of the term “promise”, we rather talk about motivation, purpose, and intention as a foundation for developing a solid project.

This NFT project has been conceived with the idea and a strong commitment, to providing perceivable value and real-life impact to all involved. To create meaningful outcomes that are influential in two realms: cultural and social. Ultimately, that is what will make this project investment worthwhile, having real-life cultural value, and tangible positive social impact.

Social Outcome

We are committed to supporting and developing future partnerships with organizations that provide assistance to victims of abuse by figures of authority and influence, child abuse, domestic violence, psychological abuse, and especially survivors of sexual abuse by clerics and ministers of the church. 

In order to create these relationships, we first need to build a solid reputation and credibility through this project, aspects that will ultimately bring value to you.

Cultural Outcome

As the project develops and gains momentum we intend to turn this plot into a graphic novel, a comic book series, and even an animated series, these have been the plans of this project since it was originally conceived roughly 18 years ago.

This will be possible through funding from the NFT investor and members of our community who are invited and encouraged to participate by sharing their stories. In short, this project will turn you into a producer, guest writer, and protagonist of our story.

A Terrifying Reality

Unfortunately, at this very moment, while you are reading this there is someone, a child, a woman, maybe even a man being abused by a figure of authority. Abuse can take any form, verbal, psychological, physical, or sexual and the perpetrator could be anyone, sadly and very often the abuse comes by the hand of someone we know and trust. 

A deranged partner, a sports coach, a teacher, or even your local priest. This is what makes it more terrifying since is the very same veil of trust what provides the perfect cover-up for these abuses to happen consistently and undetected for long periods of time. Often time in our incredulity we refuse to acknowledge it, and by the time there is any evidence of the abuse is already too late. This situation makes prevention an almost impossible task, the closest we can get to stop these horrendous acts of abuse is through awareness and education.

We strive to make the Lost Buffoons Legions NFT project a vehicle to facilitate raising awareness about this taboo issue in our society.

The Collection


Exclusive Items

Additional to the original set of 9996 Lost Buffoons we will be creating special hand-generated, limited edition NFTs commemorative of special occasions, events, and seasons. These NFTs will be extremely rare, very limited in quantity, and will be made available primarily or exclusively to current Lost Buffoons NFT holders.

As the project progress, gets momentum, and more supporters, we will also introduce products in the physical world such as exclusive merch, limited edition collectibles, toys, and art related to the project.

A certain amount of the proceeds of these additional materials will be allocated to expanding the reach of our intended social outcome as well as the awareness and education that is crucial for these important issues in the fight against abuse.